NumberWorkpackageTitleDue DateDissemination Level
D9.101WP3Report listing all requirements of the software01-02-2018Public
D9.102WP5Detailed specifications of neutron fields to be used31-03-2018Public
D9.103WP1 An IPS based on an infrared reflection time-of-flight sensor camera together with the corresponding software30-06-2018Public
D9.104WP2 Database of phantoms of different statures and postures30-09-2018Public
D9.105WP1 An Indoor Positioning System (IPS) based on a developed camera network system and the multi-image acquisition computer system with the corresponding software 31-12-2018Public
D9.107WP1 Guidelines for implementing the workplace geometry and the radiation field map in the dosimetry application Part 1: Workplace geometry31-12-2018Public
D9.108WP5 Feasibility of the methods, and the accuracy of personal dosimetry in a simple scenario 31-12-2018Public