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Lund University and specifically the research team at the Department of Medical Radiation Physics in Malmö have long experience in research concerning radiation measurements and radiation protection in medicine, and projects in FP5, FP6 and FP7 e.g. MADEIRA (Minimizing Activity and Dose with Enhanced Image quality by Radiopharmaceutical Administrations, and staff from LU served as the project leader of the project “The Medical ALARA Network (EMAN)” 2009-2012 TREN/09/NUCL/SI2.542127. The current ongoing research includes studying the occupational exposure situation regarding interventional radiology and image-guided surgical treatments using active personal dosimetry as well as innovative radiation measurement techniques. Video technique has been explored in the search for understanding and analysis of the specific exposure situation in this rather complex work environment. This research is performed in close collaboration with the Skåne University Hospital and Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg Sweden.

Role in the project

LU is leading WP4 for the assessment and validation of the online dosimetry application in hospitals. LU is also involved in WP1 and WP6.

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